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9/01/11 - Check out these three wedding videos by Travis Wiber! He did an amazing job capturing the essence of the day.

8/21/11 - It's been nearly a month since our wedding and honeymoon! Here are some pictures and videos from our amazing trip to Spain! Vamos!

                           Sevilla                               Granada                                Marbella

8/08/11 - A wedding video!

And a few more wedding pics here. Thanks again to our amazing photography team - Katie and Hannah!

8/06/11 - Thank you! It was more than we could have ever imagined. And it would not have been possible without all of our family and friends who joined us in celebration. We are still on a high from thinking about all the special moments - too many to list here. It really was the perfect weekend. Although we won't have all the pictures or videos for a few more weeks, our wonderful photographer posted a few pics on her blog. Check 'em out here!

P.S. - Look for pics from our Honeymoon in Spain in the coming days!

7/11/11 - The final countdown is underway and our apartment is filled with all things wedding. It's so close that we can almost see the big day appear on a 10-day weather report! Even Charlie can tell something’s up. But in all seriousness, we are so excited to see everyone and grateful that many are making the long trek by planes, trains and automobiles. Be sure to rest up and to be ready for an outdoor weekend in Vermont. Don’t forget your swimming trunks, hiking boots, and dancin’ shoes. It's on y’all!

6/01/11 - Graduations and Invitations! Both Ethan and Hana recently celebrated the completions of their master’s degrees - E graduated from Emerson College and H graduated from Boston College. With this out of the way, Hana hit the ground running … literally, by completing a half marathon over Memorial Day Weekend. Ethan decided to take a less physical approach to life after graduation - cheering on Hana from Burlington’s beautiful waterfront park followed by downing a few choice Vermont microbrews.

In other news, we hope that many of you have received our wedding invitation in the mail. We are absolutely thrilled with the way they turned out.  Special thanks to Chris Caulfield for the original design work, Cynthia Fritz for addressing nearly all of them, and Hana for her overall craftiness.  Don’t forget to RSVP online by July 1st!

5/12/11 - E just got back from a bachelor trip to New Orleans with Danny, Reese, Angleo, Adam, Ryan, Tim and John. Music highlights included seeing big name acts like Arcade Fire and Lupe Fiasco at The Jazz & Heritage Festival, while also catching local bands like the Dirty Dozen Brass Band at Tipitinas Uptown. There was also plenty of food highlights - like chowing on beignets from Cafe du Monde and eating po boys and jambalaya from Mother's Restaurant. To top it off - it was 85 and sunny the entire weekend!

4/23/11 - Hana just returned from a two week trip to Israel where she took in the sights and grew an affinity for pomegranates and Gold Star beer. Check out her photos here. Also, we are finalizing the wedding invitations and should have them in the mail soon. Three months and counting till the big day!

3/08/11 - We are the midst of a busy month here which includes two birthdays, two months left of grad school, and a trip to Israel! But don't worry - there is still some fun to be had. We recently paid a visit to see our friends, The Flo, at their jam space. We are so excited to have them play at our wedding. They've been practicing all of our favorite tunes and I'm told they even have a few surprises in store. We can't wait!

(Hana in the corner enjoying The Flo!)

1/17/11 - Happy 2011! Although the new year is only a few days old, it's been jammed packed with friends, family and snow. We rang in the new year with some phriends in NYC and spent this past holiday weekend in the Mad River Valley visiting some of our favorite restaurants, mountains and trails. Now we're back in Boston rejuvinated and ready for the next 6 months. Vamos!

(Upper Right & Left: Hana and Ethan snowshoeing in Waitsfield. Bottom Left: Boston apartment covered in 2 feet of snow. Bottom Right: Charlie enjoying the freshies.)

11/16/10 - Saturday ranked in as a top 10 day! Made it up to Amee Farm by early afternoon, but not before driving through the quaint New England towns of Queeche and Woodstock, VT. We met Liz (our amazing wedding coordinator) at the Pittsfield General Store where we had a chance to meet with some friendly vendors for our wedding. Here is a pic of Hana enjoying the vegetarian delights and her cab sav. E (not pictured) also enjoyed the food – namely the meat options and the pinot grigio. On the way home, we picked up delicious desserts from the Sunup Bakery in Killington. Yum!

P.S. Hana is pumped to have added some eco-friendly sheets and towels to our gift registry. Living green makes her happy.

10/21/10 - Hana's wedding dress arrived the other day but don't get too excited - you'll have to wait about 9 months to see it. Special thanks to Jen for going with Hana to make the big purchase.

8/22/10 - Our good friend, Brian Winchester, recently took some engagement photos for us. Check them out here.

7/27/10 - Save The Date! On July 23rd 2011, we will be getting married at The Amee Farm in Pittsfield, VT. Google it.

7/19/10 - We are happy to announce our engagement! It happened at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, Massachusetts on July 3rd 2010. Charlie (our dog) was the only one present - and boy did he make a ruckus. Please keep in touch as we are in the beginning stages of planning a wedding for next summer. Details to follow in the coming months.

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